10 tips for hot weather

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Before the temperature starts rising, Blue Healthcare wants to offer a series of tips to help you cope on hot days as best as possible. First of all, special care should be given to children and the elderly, as they are the most vulnerable groups.

General advice for everyone:

  1. Drink plenty of water frequently, even if you don’t feel thirsty
  2. Don’t drink too many sugary drinks, with alcohol or a lot of caffeine, as they can make you dehydrated
  3. Do not reuse plastic bottles. After being used once, in the heat they give off toxic plastic substances that you would end up ingesting
  4. Make light and fresh meals that help replenish the mineral salts that are lost with sweat, avoiding hot food and large meals. Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables
  5. Avoid going outside in the hottest hours of the day, where possible. Keep blinds and curtains closed at home to keep the environment as cool as possible
  6. Do not do outdoor sports or intense activity in the afternoon (from midday to 6pm). Try to stay in the shade and wear breathable clothing and a cap or hat
  7. Remember not to leave anyone, people or pets, in vehicles exposed to the sun
  8. The pace of work and daily activities should be less intense in extreme heat,with regular breaks and frequent hydration
  9. Take precautions with cold food: make sure food stays cold, even when it’s being transported, and get rid of food that doesn’t seem right
  10. Avoid sleeping directly in front of an air conditioning source. If you can, acclimatise your bedroom during the day and turn off the appliance at night

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