Guided foam sclerotherapy, the non-invasive treatment for varicose veins

Behind the varicose veins and the small spider veins that appear on our legs there is always a venous insufficiency which requires treatment by specialists. Either for medical or aesthetic reasons, one of the varicose vein treatments used is ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy, a non-invasive technique used to remove these varicose veins without the need for surgery. This treatment consists essentially of […]

CoolSculpting or how to remove localised fat without surgery

Excess body fat is one of the major aesthetic concerns of Spaniards. According to different studies, the areas of the body that most concern Spaniards are the abdomen, thighs, double chin and arms, followed by thorax, chest and buttocks. It is a reality that aesthetics increasingly matter to us and that we are looking for […]

The importance of diagnosis and early treatment of breast cancer

Dr Alexandra Henríquez Linares, specialist in mammary pathology and gynecological oncology. Today, on 19 October, the International Day against Breast Cancer, we must take the opportunity to look back and remember those people who have or have gone through a difficult stage in their lives as a result of this disease. We express our most […]

Can we measure life span?

Numerous investigations have determined that telomere length is directly linked to ageing. So, for example, a dog lives for approximately 12 years, a flamenco 40, a person 90 and a horse 25, but what determines the longevity of each species? The answer lies with telomeres and the speed at which they shorten. Telomeres are the […]