Physical exercise is not for athletes

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Physical exercise is not for athletes, but for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your relationship with exercise has been non-existent in your life journey, or if you dislike it because of an awful gym teacher, or the limits that you’ve learned to recognise over time (with a tantrum or two along the way). There comes a time when none of this is important; it turns into excuses which push us even further away from getting to know the many advantages that this thing called physical exercise may be saving for us at a difficult time in our lives.

We all know that elite athletes and people who like to be in good shape maintain a close relationship with a different exercises to help them achieve that small gain to push them into first place or improve on a performance. But we may be far from understanding what these routines can mean for someone recovering from a vascular accident, cancer or depression.

This is exactly what Blue Sport is for; it’s a Blue Healthcare programme to improve the physical condition of athletes looking for more, healthy people who want to do sport with the peace of mind of knowing how far they can push themselves, and people recovering from a health problem who understand that physical exercise has a decisive role in the healing process.  

As Dr María Jesús Núñez, a specialist in Medicine, Physical Education and Sports and coordinator of the Healthing Sports Medicine Centre, explains, «this programme works with each patient using exercise techniques supervised by experts to achieve cardiovascular system regulation, improvement in strength, flexibility, endurance and increased muscle mass”, something that, depending on the patient, will be key to finding the way back from their descent into hell.

So no, physical exercise is not just for athletes. Not by a long shot.


Blue Sport is the personalised programme for those who want to complement their healing process, and those who do sports in a controlled and safe way.

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